I hate to borrow from the '92 Clinton campaign, but this blunt phraseology is a head slapping realization.  As a species we humans are in a terrible predicament.  Abrupt Climate Change is upon us, and we must react to this reality immediately by slowing down and then stopping the use of fossil fuels.   

I have a plan: Build the Renewable Energy Grid.  It will take 40 years to accomplish and we need to start talking about it in Congress immediately.  Here is what happens:  we employ half a million Texans, reduce the cost of electricity to ratepayers, reduce pollution and CO2, reduce the cost of health care, and reduce our dependence on foreign oil. And in reality, we have no other choice but to change, adapt, or perish.  It's that serious.  I'm sorry to bring bad news. 

But if we act soon we can mitigate the damage.  And let's remember:  We're America, dammit.  We have the technology, the people power, and the resources.  We can do this.  


In his very last interview in July 2017 Professor Stephen Hawking warned that if we continue using fossil fuels "Earth will become like Venus, with 250 degree days and raining sulfuric acid."  In one word:  Extinction.

Stephen Hawking says that US President Donald Trump's decision to pull out of the Paris climate agreement could lead to irreversible climate change. Prof Hawking said the action could put Earth onto a path that turns it into a hothouse planet like Venus.

1.The World is Warming
2. It’s Because of Us
3. We’re Sure
— National Geographic Magazine April 2017

Professor James Hansen, former Director of NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies has been warning Congress, the public at large, and  American Presidents since 1988 about the urgent threat of climate change.

Presentation in DC on 2/26/07


  • There are 26,500 scientific proofs of climate change
  • All of the models of climate change have come true except for one:  the speed at which the change will occur
  • Climate Change is occurring much faster than originally thought
  • The World Wildlife Fund now reports that the Amazon will lose half it's species by the end of the century
  • There is a tree species in the Amazon that is moving 8 feet per day up the Andes mountains and away from the Amazon valley which is getting hotter and drier
  • Over half the coral reefs of the Great Barrier Reef are bleaching and dying
  • Antarctic ice sheets are breaking apart, the first sign of never ending ice melt
  • Greenland is melting so fast the cold water spilling into the Atlantic is affecting the ocean currents
  • The hottest ten years on record have all occurred in this century
  • CO2 stays in the atmosphere for 100 years
  • There is one degree of temperature increase waiting in the CO2 gas of our atmosphere 
  • An increase of 3.5 degrees celsius will ensure the end of humanity
  • The Earth has increased 1.2 degrees in the last 40 years
  • The ocean is going to rise more than 15 feet by the end of this century
  • Amphibians are disappearing worldwide, the first sign of mass extinction
  • Greenland and Antarctic are losing several hundred cubic kilometers of mass per year and the rate is accelerating
  • Methane is escaping from the melting perma-frost of the Arctic 
  • Methane is 100 times worse than CO2
  • The last time Earth's CO2 was at our current rate of 400 Parts Per Million the ocean was 50 feet higher 
  • Earth is losing 200 species a day to extinction
  • Earth's current daily energy imbalance of absorbing heat from the sun is equivalent to the energy of 400,000 Hiroshima bombs every day
  • Ocean water has become 30 percent more acidic since the beginning of the industrial revolution (1780)
  • Sea surface temperatures are at record highs
  • We now have climate change refugees
  • The albutol effect of warming oceans reducing ice, which reflects less sunlight, which makes the ocean warmer, is now happening
  • There will be an ice-free Arctic ocean in the very near future
Noam Chomsky Lecture, May 2018 Noam Chomsky talks about the major threats to the human race and other important issues of today.