Our 18th Century Education Model is Failing  

It's Time to Build a New Model


WHO IS #1?

Shanghai, China tops all three categories.  Hong Kong, Finland and Japan round out your best of the best.  We need to look at how their education models work and adapt ours to the new century. Education is the bedrock from which America must Build a better society.  The only way to get there is to make education available to all, equally, with job training, apprenticeship, and higher education available for each and every student, with the goal to place them into a career of their choice.  

The biggest problem in the education system is Poverty.  I watched 16 education policy conversations in four days at the SXSW EDU Conference this year.  The list of speakers was immense and included Mayors, Black College Professors involved in the Civil Rights Movement, Navy Admirals, politicians, school district superintendents, etc, etc,.  The one problem that every conversation shared was Poverty.  It is Poverty that robs our schools of their actual mission.  It is Poverty that makes life so very difficult for the people who need the most help.  It is Poverty that is sweeping the countryside.  In small towns across Texas up to 75% of the school children qualify for free lunch programs.  My plan to build the renewable energy grid will bring millions of good jobs for 40 years.  It will reduce poverty, and help educators do the job of educating.  

In the final analysis America must prioritize spending on educating all citizens which will in turn produce great rewards for tomorrow.

Congress is doing nothing about our education deficit.  We are way behind.  Congress needs to invent a new education act which would define the true parameters of what is considered excellent education.  "America's education system is lagging 30 years behind the times" said a retired teacher I met recently in Georgetown.  I think America needs to get smart about how we provide the promise of equal opportunity, which originates in education.  One of the most important steps for Building a New America is Education For All.  

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.
— Nelson Mandela


  • Declare War on Abrupt Climate Change
  • Make America 100% Renewable Energy Efficient by 2050 and employ millions
  • Create "AmeriCare" and provide health care for all Americans
  • Institute Ranked Choice Voting in all elections
  • Democratize corporations and work environments
  • Create National Mass Transit programs with new technology
  • Re-Invent Student Debt
  • Make the Internet Equal Access for All
  • Repeal the TeleCommunications Act of 1996
  • Re-instate the Glass-Stegall Act of 1934
  • Change Corporate rules so that Boards of Directors include Labor and Environmental Representatives
  • Make Election Day a Holiday
  • Make All Federal and State Elections Publicly Financed
  • Declare War on Abrupt Climate Change
  • Create a new education system designed to guide every student to a skill or advanced education which include extensive apprenticeship programs so that all will be ready for employment upon graduation
  • Build new food production systems to reduce chemicals and water consumption
  • Re-Cast our Criminal Justice System 
  • Stop the War on Drugs
  • Stop the War in Afghanistan
  • Get out of Syria
  • Make Health Care companies non-profit
  • Legalize hemp and marijuana
  • Outlaw weapons of war for civilians
  • Update the Second Amendment to the 21st Century