42 percent of Texans showed up at the polls in the last election.  That means a majority did not vote.  People no longer believe in the promise of democracy.  I am here to change that.



Martin Luecke


Independent Candidate for US Congress District 25.

Martin is the only candidate in America with a plan to employ millions of Americans to Build A New America.

Martin is the only candidate in America talking about the true existential threat of abrupt climate change, and has a plan for what America can do about it.

Martin believes in healthcare and education for all.

Martin believes in science and the use of technology to guide and improve America.

Martin is the only candidate in the race for the 25th district who actually lives in the district.

Martin has earned leadership roles all his life.

Martin has two grown children and a mountain bike.

Martin is a former President of the Windsor Park Neighborhood Association, and currently sits on the Mueller Plan Implementation Commission for the City of Austin.

Martin writes a monthly column for the neighborhood newsletter called Meet Your Neighbor.

Martin is the neighborhood handy man.

Martin has been to every SXSW Eco Conference.

Martin's first career was in television news as a reporter/videographer.  His nightly story for "Off The Record" was comedy news a dozen years before "The Daily Show" was invented.

Martin's second career was in the air ambulance industry, and was instrumental in making the Texas Department of Health create a viable air ambulance medical license.  He was also responsible for the first air ambulance website in history.

Martin is a graduate of The University of Texas journalism school.

Martin received a collegiate All American award from the National Cheerleader Association when he was Head Cheerleader at UT.

At 17 Martin was the youngest newspaper columnist in America writing once a week for the Cameron Herald.

Martin is tired of speaking in the third person.